Master Jianshe – Fasting Retreat (english version)

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Fasting of distracting thoughts, fears and doubts for more confidence, health and inner peace
Online retreat with Master Jianshe Liu
June 26-30, 2021

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The Qi Gong path to health, well-being and contentment
New information for a new life!

Master Jianshe leads us with much love and clarity to more confidence in our own abilities to live freely and independently.

In this Qi-Fasting Retreat you will clear yourself of your distracting thoughts, doubts and fears in order to arrive at yourself completely. Through your clear mind you will find a deeper connection to yourself and your natural abilities and you will recognize that you can trust and relax, because everything you need to be happy and healthy is already within you.
You will learn to let go of what you don’t need and only to take in what further clarifies you.
Also related to your diet, you can use these 5 days to cleanse your body and let it calm down so as to have as little distraction as possible on your clear mind.

In this state of clarity and trust you can rediscover yourself and go your way with more joy and ease.

Course schedule

You can train comfortably from home in a small group via video conference online. Master Jianshe’s instructions are clear, always heart-to-heart and therefore easy to understand. In addition, he speaks English that is easy to understand, which Anke Huerkamp translates into German so that you can take in everything in a relaxed manner. Master Jianshe is also always happy to answer your questions and share your experiences. His answers are always inspiration and insight at the same time.

After the retreat, you will continue to practice with the live recordings and develop more and more into your authentic training.

Content of the training

  • Letting go of distracting thoughts to become clearer
  • Find out what it means to be in the moment
  • Strengthening trust in you and your natural abilities
  • Help to reduce your food intake
  • Exercises to focus on your positive inner attitude
  • Gain knowledge from your experiences and experiences from the group
  • exercises to calm the mind and focus on your own wishes
  • answers to your questions for a deeper understanding to support your authentic practice

Master Jianshe

Natural, inspiring, clear and with an open heart, Master Jianshe has been supporting people from all over the world on their way to more health, joie de vivre and ease for 30 years. His humility and respectful manner make us relax and understand that we don’t have to follow anyone but ourselves.
He worked for several years at the Huaxia Qigong Center (the first medicine-free hospital in China), where the effects of Qigong were first examined and confirmed as a science. Since then he has been teaching and spreading Zhineng Qigong not only in China, but above all abroad, such as in Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, South America, Australia and Africa. Together with his team, he runs a Zhineng Qigong center on the tropical island of Hainan under the name: Hexianju Qigong Center, which is visited by hundreds of people from all over the world. „Hexianju“ means: a quiet place for development and wellbeing.

„Master Jianshe has an incredibly friendly and wise manner. He immediately convinced me with his attitude towards life and his big heart. In his Qi Gong practice I could feel boundlessness again for a long time. In just a short time he and Anke managed that I am totally relaxed and confident. I was finally able to feel my potential and the connection to my heart again. An unbelievable feeling for which I am deeply grateful. „

„That was an incredible experience! Jianshe really touched my heart. When he speaks everything is really clear and the experience in the exercises afterwards just confirms that. It was a FANTASTIC experience !!!“

„For me, Jianshe is pure sunshine – mind. I would never have thought that such an experienced master would make the complexity of things so simple and easy to understand. I am filled with knowledge and I now know that I don’t have to search anymore, because everything I really need has always been there. „

„I only learned what letting go and trust mean through the retreat with Master Jianshe. I was able to trust myself and myself through his trust in myself, I didn’t have to hold on, but just open up. I would never have thought that it would be so easy is. Thank you very much !!! „

„Jianshe is really the good news!“

Zoom internet conference
After registration, you will receive the link to the zoom-meeting!

Course leader:
Master Jianshe Liu
(Hexianju Qigong Zentrum, Hainan):
Theorie and practice in Sessions and Retreat
Anke Huerkamp (Zhineng-Qigong-Düsseldorf):
Organisation and translation into German

26th – 30th of June 2021
Saturday – Sunday 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm
Monday to Wednesday 8am-10am and 12:30am -1:30pm
(Berlin Time)

Course fee:
580 € for 5-days-Retreat.
For all Zhineng Qigong teachers and friends of Master Jianshe the price will be 399 €.

Please transfer the course fee to the following account:
Anke Huerkamp
IBAN: DE07 3008 0000 0233 6078 00
with Paypal
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If an invoice is requested, please send an email request with the invoice address to

Registation and more information:
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