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Discover your trust and strength from within
online sessions with Master Jianshe Liu
Sa. 5.12. and 9.1. from 9 to 11am (Berlin Time)

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The Qi Gong path to health, well-being and contentment
New information for a new life!
Master Jianshe leads us with much love and clarity to more confidence in our own abilities to live freely and independently.

With the training we learn to connect with our inner strength through our clear mind, learn to trust ourselves more and more and to use our own abilities.

We will meet Master Jianshe every month on Saturdays to ask questions and to train our connection to our true self, the Yi Yuan Ti. The Yi Yuan Ti is your clear mind in connection with the universal Qi. In this state you act like a magnet. Everything your spirit sends out comes from your inner attitude and attracts exactly that. In this way you become the creator of your life with a clear mind. 


Jianshe -Trust and Relax

To be healthy means to be free from worries and fears and simply to trust in our natural being.
Master Jianshe strengthens us in this trust, lets us relax and let go of everything that separates us from our heart and unity.
He will train this together with you in a small group via a video conference online. His instructions are clear, easy to understand and always straight from the heart. Master Jianshe will also be translated from English into German.
Afterwards, you will continue to practice independently with your experiences and find your way deeper and deeper into your authentic training. Know how to live in the moment in order to enrich your life.

Training content 

  • meditations to discover the inner source of strength
  • experiencing true consciousness related to Yi Yuan Ti
  • strengths of the heart connection
  • living stories from the life of a Qigong master
  • exercises to calm the mind and focus on your own wishes
  • answers to your questions for a deeper understanding to support your authentic practice

Zoom internet conference
Please simply download the program zoom and
connect under the following ID: 445 773 721 or
via the link https://zoom.us/j/445773721
If you have any questions, please call: 01773868240.
We would be happy to try it out together in advance.

Course leader:
Master Jianshe Liu
(Hexianju Qigong Zentrum, Hainan):
Theorie and practice in Sessions and Retreat
Anke Huerkamp (Zhineng-Qigong-Düsseldorf):
Organisation and translation into German

Sat, 5th of December and 9th of January
9-11am (Berlin Time)

Course fee:
20 € for every session including audio recordings

Please transfer the course fee to the following account:
Anke Huerkamp
IBAN: DE07 3008 0000 0233 6078 00
with Paypal
Purpose: Online sessions with Jianshe and date
If an invoice is requested, please send an email request with the invoice address to

Course materials:
The eight verses as PDF for download: eight verses

If you have a question to Master Jianshe, please do not hesitate to send it to me before the session starts. anke@zhineng-qigong-duesseldorf.de
We are looking forward to see you!